CDR Paul Rendon

Good afternoon Family and Friends.  Thank you for attending today’s Wreath Laying Ceremony in Honor of Paul D’Angelo.  My name is CDR Paul Rendon and I am the Facility Engineer for Air Station Cape Cod.

Before the actual wreath laying, I’d like to spend a couple of minutes reflecting on Paul’s work in the Coast Guard, and the impact he made while he was with us here at Air Station Cape Cod.

Paul came to Air Station Cape Cod in January 2010, where he worked as an Engineering Technician in the Facilities Engineering Department.  Within a short amount of time, we quickly realized Paul had a remarkable talent and an innate vision to transform old facilities into vibrant new ones.  I think everyone would agree he worked with an intensity and passion unmatched by others.

I remember his efforts as he worked to transform an old 1970 barracks building into a warm and inviting home for over 20 junior enlisted personnel and countless visitors.  What was once a dark and cold building was now a hallmark of Paul’s presence and everlasting mark on the Air Station…not to mention a source of pride for all of us.  Little did we know that this one project would kick-off a string of other successful transformations, and become his “theme” across the Air Station.  His drive and enthusiasm were contagious and we let him loose on other projects, such as the Cardio Room where he installed a new bathroom, probably the best one on the base, definitely the most spacious one.  Or the Wings Inn building where he once again transformed an old building with cinder block walls and drab paint into a building with modern faux finishes (Yes, Paul was happy to introduce French words such as “faux” and “porte cochere” into our vocabulary).  It seemed Paul was always sprinting from one project to the next, not wanting to lose precious time or sit idly waiting for direction.  As such, throughout his time here, he juggled numerous projects simultaneously including the Golf Course bathroom renovations, the MMR Fire Department 911 Memorial, a new Intercom System at the Child Development Center, Repainting the base swimming pool, installing kitchen microwaves and bathroom exhaust fans in housing, re-painting interior office spaces in Hangar 3172, and many more.  Each of these projects presented their own challenges.  I fondly remember our planning sessions when he’d come into my office full of high flying ideas more fit for a Fortune 500 Company’s facilities than the Coast Guard’s.  I’d listen to him patiently and then, sadly, would have to bring him down to earth into the “low bid” world of the Coast Guard.  Paul, we simply never had the financial resources to fulfill your vision of high-class facilities.  But, without a doubt, your vision and our “low bid” ways would prove to be a formidable team that would deliver a compromise of projects that were both classy and cost effective.

And so, as we stand here today in front of this Air Park, let’s take note of Paul’s vision to turn a pale landscape into a beautiful, Cape Cod themed Air Park.  It was Paul’s way of honoring those Pilots, aircrew and all the support personnel stationed here at Air Station Cape Cod in the past, now, and well into the future.  I recall endless conversations between Paul and the Command as we collectively planned this air park.  From one of his e-mails, he wrote: (quote) I’m also looking for motion activated bollards that trigger music.  I’m thinking a loop of Wagner’s  “Ride of the Valkeries”, Kenny Loggin’s  “Danger Zone”, Bryan Adams’  “Never let Go” and  Semper Paratus.   Oh…And fog misters.  I will most likely spec a high pressure water system that will help cool the area coupled with dramatic effect. (end quote)”  That’s just another trait I loved about Paul…he had a great sense of humor.

Paul, while we didn’t have the funds to meet your wish list, this Air Park will be your flagship gift to Air Station Cape Cod and will forever remind us of your many contributions to the Coast Guard.

Mr. & Mrs. D’Angelo, Anne, Mike and Ilana, we mourn the loss of your son and brother.  He was our friend and cherished colleague who touched our hearts, made a lasting impression on us, and will forever be remembered through his gift to us in this Air Park.

At this time I’d like to invite others to come to the podium and say a few words about Paul.

 ( Robin )

( Jennifer )

( Flagnote )

 ( Mike / Anne lay wreath )

This concludes our Wreath Laying Ceremony.  Will all guests please proceed to the National Cemetery for Paul’s interment.